Winter and Your Car Wash Business

What can you do to winter-proof your new car wash business? The cold weather is coming — and you don’t want to lose customers or have issues with your newly-purchased equipment. Take a look at what you need to know about preparing for the cold, ice, and snow.

Will Customers Still Come to a Car Wash in the Winter?

Now that winter is coming, your customers may need your services more than ever. Even though some of your clients may drive less in the cold and snowy months, roadside grime, rock salt, and other ice melts can quickly cover a car, truck, or SUV in the winter months. Road salt can corrode a car, causing major damage if left unchecked.

While most drivers can see the white salt stains on the sides of the vehicle, they may not notice what’s happening under the car. Road salt (or other ice melting products) can attack the vehicle from beneath, causing corrosion that goes undetected for the entire season. Whether your clients know about the corrosive properties of road salt or just don’t like the look of discolored splashes across the body of their vehicle, they’ll come to you for a professional-level cleaning service.

How Can You Attract Customers in the Winter?

Should you continue your car wash marketing efforts in the winter? Even though many of your customers will come to you to wash the road salt off of their cars, the cold weather may still keep some people indoors. To make the most of the winter months and maximize your business, consider a few creative marketing strategies. These could include:

  • Before and after social media photos. Instead of plain text posts, add winter-time before/after photos to your social media pages. Find the grimiest, salt-covered vehicle and ask the owner if you can snap a before pic (throw in a free wash as an incentive). Take an after photo of the pristinely clean car to use as a comparison.
  • Team up with another business. Is there a coffee house or eatery nearby? Ask the owner of the establishment if they would like to join forces in a special car wash and coffee (or hot chocolate) promotion. Hand out coupons at both businesses for discounts at the other.
  • Salt-centered services. Focus on the true winter issue for vehicles — road salt. Advertise salt reduction or special cleaning techniques that your wash may offer.

Along with these ideas, create special promotions or discounts for specific days of the week, days with a set amount of snowfall, or high salt days.

Should You Winterize Your Car Wash?

Yes, you should winterize your car wash. Proper winterization can help you reduce the risk of damage to your equipment and keep your wash functioning all winter long. Before the coldest months arrive:

  • Inspect your equipment. The freezing temperatures may add to existing damage. Inspect each piece of equipment for wear and tear or other issues. If you’re not sure what to look for, hire a professional for a pre-season evaluation.
  • Make repairs right now. Don’t wait until winter is in full swing to repair worn parts or replace missing pieces. Hire a qualified contractor to make all necessary repairs early in the season.
  • Create a snow removal plan. Develop a snow and ice removal plan for inside and outside of your wash.

Along with repairs, replacements, and snow/ice removal, you need to make sure your car wash stays warm inside. Consult with a heating or wash equipment professional who specializes in this area. They should have extensive experience with car washes and fully understand the needs of this business.

Do you need new equipment before the winter arrives? Contact Advance Car Wash Solutions for more information.