In-Bay Automatic

The Cube

2 Available Experiences

With patented self-supporting ShineMitt media, SpinRite delivers a quiet and gentle experience for the person behind the wheel. Additionally, Its design provides over 4x the cleaning touches of traditional media- for a superior clean and shine.

Patented ShineMitt Media featured with SpinLite’s patented LED–Illuminated wash wheels. Attract more customers, enhance site navigation and deliver the quiet, gentle wash experience that brings them back again and again.


Color LED navigation system informs the user when to pull forward with this touchless automatic system!


One or two arm versions with installation options of this touchless automatic system to fit almost any bay size.


The most advanced soft touch automatic bay wash system in the industry.


Touch free automatic large vehicle wash system.

DuraShiner CF

An automatic tire shiner designed specifically for in-bay installations.