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Turtle Wax Pro Chemicals for Colorado


Keep your Colorado car wash up-to-date and fully stocked with high-quality car wash equipment, Turtle Wax Pro chemicals, and water management systems with the help of Advance Car Wash Solutions. We are a full-service provider of car wash equipment and chemicals including Turtle Wax Pro and Belanger car wash equipment.

Turtle Wax® Pro’s premium car wash chemicals are innovative and environmentally friendly products producing some of the cleanest, driest, and shiniest cars in the industry! Discover how Turtle Wax® Pro helps make car washes shine through their outstanding results, marketing opportunities, and by building customer loyalty through harnessing the globally known and trusted Turtle Wax® brand.

To ensure your car wash performs at a higher level and offers customers the best quality, talk to our team today about how we can supply you with all the components you need to be successful. Rely on our 30+ years of experience and our superior customer service approach as you work to provide the best experience for your own customers and increase growth at your car wash.


Our Services


Advance Car Wash Solutions takes a 360 degree, comprehensive approach to customer service. We are here for you and want to see you succeed. Our approach includes the following services:


  • Customer service: You will work with a specific point of contact from our team who will provide assistance for scheduling your service calls, ordering new supplies, and any other general inquiries.
  • Delivery: Benefit from our personalized delivery system that includes an inspection to ensure your draw lines are full, your chemical levels are at an acceptable level, your storage chemicals are fully stocked, and your washed empties are picked up.
  • Management personnel: Work directly with Advanced Car Wash Solutions’ owner, Will Klumb, who is committed to ensuring that your needs and expectations are met.
  • Sales: Your sales representative will continue working with you to make sure all aspects of your account are maintained, including on-site visits, service updates, and delivery updates.
  • Technical service: Work directly with a chemical technician who makes sure your general equipment inspections, chemical applications, and minor repairs are handled. Additionally, they will create a cost-per-car report.


If you’re looking for car wash solutions for your Colorado car wash, get in touch with our team to learn more. Call us at (303) 800-8224.


Contact Trevor Koscevic at 303-818-3366

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