The Top Reasons to Start a Car Wash

Is car wash ownership the right next step for you? If you’re ready to start a new business, take a look at why you should consider opening a car wash and how to get started.

A Business With a Constant Customer Base

In 2019 more than 17 million new vehicles were sold in the United States, according to Edmunds. Each year millions of Americans buy or lease cars. This means there are millions of vehicles on the road getting dirty and need a car wash. Here’s where you come in. The more drivers and car owners there are, the more your customer base grows.

A Low Loan Failure Rate

Businesses aren’t always successful. While there’s no guarantee a car wash will grow and turn a profit, this type of business has been proven to outperform others when you compare loan failure rates. According to Auto Laundry News Magazine, in the first decade of the 21st century, loan failure rates for car wash businesses were lower than those for other types of franchises.

An Entrepreneurship Opportunity

Are you ready to work for yourself? If entrepreneurship is a priority for you, a car wash can help you to take the next step. Car wash ownership allows you to become your own boss. This provides a path to financial independence and eliminates the need to work for anyone else again.

Not only can you work for yourself from the start, but you’re also in charge of overall business growth. While some car wash owners choose to stop at one location, you can build your business up and turn it into something more.

Whether you add on to your existing wash or invest in additional locations, you can build your company up and out. Some car wash owners choose to extend their brand into other areas and offer auto detailing services or sell merchandise.

An Easy Entry

Unlike other business opportunities, a car wash won’t involve a complex start-up structure, hundreds of employees, or warehouses of inventory to invest in. You can grow your car wash business by adding locations. But this doesn’t have to happen immediately. Instead, you have the chance to start small.

Even though the initial start-up process is easier than other businesses, you will still need to plan, prepare, and invest. This includes finding a suitable space with enough land and potentially an existing car wash facility or easy-to-convert building. After you find and lease or buy the land or structure, you will need to outfit the building.

The initial equipment your car wash will require may include tunnel equipment, self-service machinery, water treatment options, bay doors, vacuums, dryers, blowers, brushes, payment stations, and in-bay automatic equipment. Along with the major or higher-priced equipment, you will also need to plan for other business-related expenses. These include advertising fees, website design, signage, and employees.

If you aren’t sure what you need, where to find it, or how to fund the start-up costs, talk to an industry professional. A car wash supplier can help you to plan and enter into this type of business.

The supplier can also connect you to other industry professionals who can guide you through the planning and start-up process or help you to expand your company. You’ll have someone to answer the questions that may come up as you progress as a car wash entrepreneur. This is important for any new business owner — especially someone with little experience in the auto cleaning industry.

Are you ready to start building your car wash business from the ground up? Do you need help finding the right equipment or learning more about this profitable industry? Contact Advance Car Wash Solutions for more information.