DuraShiner CF

The only automatic tire shiner specifically designed for in-bay wash applications. Using patented Floating Head Technology™, the DuraShiner® CF overcomes even extreme vehicle orientation issues by auto-aligning the applicator rollers with each wheel, “bringing the shine to the tire”?, every time.
Other tire shiners force customers between two fixed guiderails, rendering it impossible for the shiner to adjust to the various vehicle angles encountered in a drive-through wash bay. Instead of guiderails, the DuraShiner® CF uses Floating Head Technology™ to adapt to the customers’ driving habits, providing superior results to the fixed-position in-bay tire shiners currently on the market.
In the case of a serious navigational error, the DuraShiner® CF floats out of harm’s way, then comes back into position, allowing it to glide over tires with just the right pressure to provide a smooth, drag-free experience. When finished, the  DuraShiner® CF auto-retracts for the next cycle.

Not only does the DuraShiner® CF deliver quality, consistent “Rim-to-Tread”? coverage and shine, but it does it all with a minimum of chemical use, often less than two ounces of chemical per application.

The DuraShiner® CF is an excellent addition for in-bay operators looking to compete with tunnel operators who have long enjoyed a monopoly on tire shining revenue.