The DuraTrans® XD is the most advanced conveyor available in the industry today. This conveyor was developed to relieve tunnel operators from the grueling ritual of in-pit maintenance. Through the utilization of Space Frame technology, conveyor operators can access all serviceable areas with minimal effort. Add patented Quick-Pin Release design to this equation and operators can quickly remove conveyor components and perform routine repairs at the comfort of a workbench rather than in the conveyor pit.

The DuraTrans® XD is truly revolutionary in design and delivers the most complete performance features available, with the highest simplicity, and most operator friendly functionality possible.

We welcome you to drill down from the following information to learn more about the DuraTrans® XD’s many ground-breaking advancements and how they will benefit you at your wash location.

System Includes:

  • Black DuraTrans XD Paint
  • SD-4™ Four-Roller Dollies
  • Driver’s Side XD Guide Rail
  • Self-Locking Forged X458 Chain
  • Quick-Pin™ Release Design


  • Green Powder Coat Paint
  • BIS-6™ Six Roller-Dollies
  • Passenger Side XD Guide Rail
  • In-Pit Pulse Sensor
  • Take-Up End-of-Travel Sensor

Reliable Vehicle Processing

  • True Anti-Jam™ exit trap door from linear movement and direct link roller keep line moving with no jams – eliminating the requirement for employees to manage frustrated customers. Patent Pending.
  • Two Dollie Designs – choose standard SD-4™ Four-Roller Dollie, or upgrade to BIS-6™ Six-Roller Dollie featuring Black Ice Steel® construction.
  • True Anti-jam™ roller-up triangular mechanism delivers jam-free operation, keeping the line moving and eliminating requirement for employees to manage frustrated customers. Patent Pending.
  • X458 Chain – Self-locking drop forged – the strongest and longest lasting chain available in the industry. No tools required to remove links or rollers.
  • Heco Gearbox with hydraulic motor drive – proven reliability and performance keeps you running.
  • Driver’s Side XD Guide Rail keeps vehicles in the track – no track jumping. Patented.

Cost Effective Maintenance

  • CleanTrac™ open access to lower two roller shelves increases component life because it is easy and quick to properly wash down. Patented.
  • The take-up system features an automatic chain tension system using two (2) air cylinders w/ 12? of take-up adjustment allowing longer runtime before link-out is required.
  • Functional Steel Design eliminates lower shelf angle irons and reallocates the steel for two additional H-frame uprights per 10? section. Five uprights per 10? provide 40% more structural integrity along with Space Frame Technology open access.
  • Matched geometry between chain pitch and sprocket teeth for minimum wear.

User Friendly Serviceability & Safety

  • Quick-Pin Release™ take-up cartridge allows quick change and workbench repair to minimize down time. Patented.
  • Quick-Pin Release™ roller-up cartridge allows quick change and workbench repair to minimize down time. Patented.
  • Independently certified Safe Gap < 2.75? reduces chance of employee injury and mitigates personal injury liability exposure.
  • Simple mechanisms make it easy to train lower skilled personnel to perform effective maintenance.
  • No bearing maintenance required – the only conveyor on the market designed this way!