Seasoned car wash operators know that automatic tire shining can be a huge money-maker. But now, that revenue doesn’t have to carry the price tag of high aggravation. Belanger’s DuraShiner® CV delivers consistent shine, “Rim-to-Tread”?, with as little as one ounce of chemical per vehicle — less than half what other designs require.

The patented DuraShiner® CV is a fully programmable tire dresser that is unmatched in its application quality, minimal chemical usage, and revenue generating opportunity.

The DuraShiner® CV is designed with a ‘cascade’ chemical delivery manifold and 15 individual 8-inch foam wheels that are beveled on their lead in edges. Together these 2 features prevent over saturation of chemical, eliminate excessive chemical being trapped in outer wheel treads, and significantly reduce the chemical slinging effect that commonly occurs with other competitive tire dressing equipment.

The DuraShiner® CV also features ChemCycle® Technology. This technology further reduces chemical consumption by automatically rotating the applicator wheels to keep the fluid in motion, the sponges properly saturated, and valuable chemical off your tunnel’s floor.

With the DuraShiner® CV, the dressing stays on the tire, and off your floor, walls, and customers’ vehicles. And your profit stays where it belongs — in your pocket!