AquaChem Systems

Water Management Solutions for the Vehicle Wash Industry

AquaChem, Inc is a Manufacturer of Water Recovery and Treatment Equipment that will provide the Professional Vehicle Wash Operator with Solutions for Water issues that are being recognized in our Changing Times and Environment. “Green” is the buzz word of times. Water an essential ingredient in the Wash Equation. AquaChem provides Solutions to address a “Green” Operating Environment while creating Cost saving financial scenarios. Our Product Line is customizable to meet your Needs.

Technology Engineered Equipment

  • Energy Savings use of VFD technology coupled to a Pressure Transducer Control
  • PLC Logic Controller with Operating Display
  • Process Filtration using Hydro Cyclone or self Cleaning Mechanical Components
  • Odor Pretreatment Modules with the Proven Methods. Ozonation or Biological Enzymes
  • All Stainless feel Construction
  • Turnkey Installation, Pre-plumbed & Wired

Water Management Solutions Benefits

  • An Environmentally Friendly Green Facility
  • Compliance with Drought Driven Mandates
  • Control & Reduction of Water/Sewer Costs
  • Reduction of Utility Impact Fees

AquaChem Recovery units are design built to provide High Quality, Particle, and Odor Free Wash Water for Tunner, In Bay Automatic, Truck Wash and/or Self Service Vehicle Wash Facilities. In the normal operation of a Wash Facility a Water Recovery Factor of 70% can be obtained by following the general rule of using Reclaimed Water for all Wash functions with the exception of Chemical and Final Rinse Functions.

It is the mission of AquaChem to provide the Professional Wash Operator with the theory, application, and knowledge of the equipment provided by AquaChem