Warsaw Micro Drum


Micro-Drum-logo-150x150.pngThe answer to your freight, handling, inventory, and warehousing problems. A mere 5 gallons of Micro Drum® Concentrate makes a whopping 30 gallons of cleaning concentrate.




Clear Coat Protectants

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Blue Clear Coat Protectant – Formula 530R: This deep blue, blueberry scented clear coat protectant is the ultimate in customer appeal. Provides a visible high gloss appearance. G, R

Vanilla Kote Clear Coat Protectant – Formula 530VK: One of our best! Provides visual and aromatic appeal with its fresh waxy vanilla scent, crème base and protective sheen. Same as our Formula 538 Vanilla Kote. R

Clear Coat Protectant – Formula 530CCP: A revolutionary new protectant designed to maintain and preserve clear coat surfaces as well as all modern finishes. For use in all types of washes. Formula 530CCP is the same fine protectant as our Formula 527 Clear Coat Protectant.

Lemon Spray & Shine – Formula 530LW: Lemon scented spray sealant. Formulated with silicones for outstanding shine and protection. Same as our Formula 503 Lemon Spray & Shine.

Clear Coat Sealant – Formula 530SW: Cherry scented premium clear coat spray sealant. Provides long-lasting wash resistant protection. Enhances vehicle finishes. R

Vanilla Foam Clear Coat Protectant – Formula 530VFP: A unique oil-free, foaming clear coat protectant which provides the ultimate in shine and protection. Great for self-service and in-bay automatic washes. Fresh vanilla scent. Same as our Formula 533 Vanilla Foam Clear Coat Protectant. G, R

Foam Brush Detergents

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Pink-Cherry Scent; Blue-Blueberry Scent; or Yellow-Banana Scent Foam Brush – Formula 530R: Scented liquid foam brush shampoos. Three attractive colors for customer appeal.

Foam Brush Shampoo – Formula 530FB: Luxurious, cherry scented, pink foamy shampoo. Provides mountains of foam allowing foam brush to safely glide over vehicle finish. Same as our Formula 519 Cherry Foam Brush Shampoo.

High Pressure Detergents

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Pink High Pressure Detergent – Formula 530R: High sudsing, alkaline liquid detergent that produces blankets of customer appealing pink suds along with a great black cherry scent. G

High Pressure Detergent – Formula 530AHP: A unique, high sudsing alkaline liquid detergent. Same as our popular Formula 531. G

Citrus Plus – Formula 530CP: Multi-use natural citrus base detergent concentrate. Designed for both friction and frictionless car washing. Same as our Formula 524 Citrus Plus. G


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Purple Liquid Pre-Soak – Formula 530R: Pleasing purple color with a refreshing root beer scent. Contains a booster for added cleaning power.

Liquid Pre-Soak – Formula 530PB: A most effective liquid pre-soak. Contains a booster for added cleaning power. Pleasantly scented. Designed for low pressure application in self-service and automatic car washes. Same as our Formula 514 Liquid Presoak with Booster.


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Tri-Color® Foam Polish – Formula 530TCF: A unique pH balanced foam conditioner designed for use in all triple color foam systems. Available in pink, blue, and yellow with a black cherry scent. Packaged in a near waterless hyper concentrate. A mere 5 gallons yields a whopping 25 gallons of concentrated solution. G, R


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Micro Drum® Proportioner – Mounts easily to holding tank. Allows for direct draw from Micro Drum® container. Eliminates pre-diluting.

Conversion Kit – Converts standard hydrominder into a Micro Drum® proportioner.

G = Green Line Solutions™ – Earth friendly products, maximum cleaning power.
R = Reclaim Compatible – Contains no harsh caustics, may be applied to all surfaces in any climate and reduces environmental impact issues.