Polar Freeze Guard


Eliminates all “weep” water!!!

The Polar Freeze Guard system designed to keep your business going… and your profits flowing

How the unit works:

Polar-Freeze-guard-2up-Hi.jpgWhen system is activated, a predetermined charge of RV antifreeze mist purges the piping in each bay, leaving only a small residual of antifreeze in empty hoses and nozzles. When a bay is used, the system is reactivated, purging only the bay that has been used. Reactivation is only after a set delay time (1-minute).



  • Eliminates weep water (do not waste water anymore)
  • Saves money in water & sewer bills
  • 1-unit services 12 bays (12 outputs)
  • Protects both self serve bays & in bay automatics
  • Can protect foam brush system
  • Eliminates weep washers
  • Reduces ice build up in bay
  • Lower floor heat temperature
  • Saves on reclaim system
  • Automatically resets after power outages
  • Unit turns on at 33F ( or any preset temperature)
  • Simple installation

Can be used with:

  • foam brush
  • low pressure
  • high pressure
  • in-bay automatics
  • any in bay automatics or self-serve car washes


  • Input Voltage: 120 VAC 50-60 Hz
  • Current Draw: 1 Amp (Max)
  • Liquid Requirements: Minimum
  • 1/2″ ID hose
  • 25 PSI (flowing) Max. 85 PSI
  • Air Requirements: Min. CFM @ 40 PSI