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In-Bay Automatic and Conveyor/ Tunnel Cleaners Legend


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“The Finisher” – Formula 576: Designed for use with Formula 575 “The Solution” to achieve an unbeatable and completely non- corrosive two-step cleaning process. Biodegradable and very effective as a single-stage pre-soak.

Wonder Plus – Formula 534: High alkaline liquid pre-soak concentrate for frictionless cleaning in automatic and self-service car washes. Our premium liquid pre-soak for frictionless washing. Pleasantly scented.

RECLAIM – Formula 534: Our premium liquid pre-soak for frictionless washing. Cleaning is accomplished through a well balanced blend of foam, alkalinity, and solvent. R
HOT SHOT Alkaline Pre-Soak Enhancer – Allows for the ultimate in cleaning performance and flexibility. Produces exceptional cleaning results when used in conjunction with alkaline-based pre-soaks Formula 534 Wonder Plus or Formula 576 The Finisher. G, R

Improve Frictionless Pre-Soak – Formula 540: Single stage liquid alkaline pre-soak. Effectively cuts through tough road film and oils. Designed for use in frictionless car wash systems. Effective in all temperatures. Contains a unique surfactant for better cleaning. Excellent for use in reclaim systems. Also available with black cherry scent. G, R

Film Blaster – Formula 564: Powerful high alkaline, high pH powder designed for frictionless and reduced friction washes when cleaning conditions are at their toughest. Rinses without leaving a film residue.

Film Blaster Liquid Booster – Formula 564B: Liquid booster for use with Formula 564 Film Blaster. G, R

Total Wash – Formula 525: The “total wash” solution for frictionless vehicle washing. This highly versatile liquid can be used as a low pressure pre-soak, high or low pressure detergent, or as the second step in the two-step low pH/high pH wash process. G

Heavy Duty Powder Pre-Soak – Formula 508: Highly concentrated heavy duty alkaline powder pre-soak formulated especially for frictionless car washing. Excellent for use as second step in the two-step low pH/high pH wash process. Cost effective. Our best selling powder for frictionless in-bay automatics.

Heavy Duty Powder Pre-Soak – Formula 588: Non-Phosphate version of Formula 508. Use with soft water only. G

Heavy Duty Detergent/Pre-Soak Plus – Formula 508 Plus: Same fine powder as Formula 508 with increased alkalinity and sudser.

Heavy Duty Detergent/Pre-Soak Powder – Formula 588 Plus: Non-Phosphate version of Formula 508 Plus. Use with soft water only. G

Fast Action Pre-Soak Powder – Formula 565: High pH, high alkaline powder pre-soak for frictionless washing. Use in the toughest cleaning situations. Dissolves quickly and easily, stays in solution.

Fast Action Pre-Soak Powder – Formula 565NP: Non-Phosphate version of Formula 565. Use with soft water only. G

Low PH Detergent/ Pre-Soaks

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“The Solution” – Formula 575: The new generation in two-step cleaning. Exceptional low pH cleaner without the dangerous ingredients found in most low pH products. Superior removal of road film and windshield mask. Great foam show and refreshing citrus scent. G, R

LEMON ELIXIR Low pH Liquid Pre-Soak – Formula 574: Low pH acetic pre-soak designed for use in frictionless automatics and reduced friction conveyor car washes when used in conjunction with the alkaline step for the dual stage wash process. Outstanding cleaner without the dangerous ingredients found in most low pH products. G, R

Stage 1 – Formula 536: High quality low pH citrus acid, solvent based detergent. Designed specifically for use as the low pH pre-soak or detergent in the two-step low pH/high pH wash process. Excellent for both frictionless in-bay automatics, and friction assisted conveyor car washes. R

Stage 1 Low Foam – Formula 536LF: Non-foaming version of Formula 536 for use when rinsing is a problem. R

Opta Klean III – Formula 532: A unique low-pH high foaming liquid concentrate. Non-corrosive. Designed for use in all cloth and brush washes, and as the first step in the two-step low pH/ high pH wash process.


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Achieve – Formula 531: Our premium high pressure detergent concentrate. Excellent lubricating, foaming and cleaning properties make this product ideal for friction and reduced friction washing.

Power Foam – Formula 526: Super concentrated high foaming alkaline detergent fortified with cleaning power. Fantastic lubricating and foaming properties for cloth and brush automatics.

Citrus Plus – Formula 524: Natural citrus based liquid detergent concentrate. Provides high speed, deep cleaning under the most difficult soil conditions.

RECLAIM High Pressure Detergent – Formula 63-79-3: A unique high alkaline, high sudsing liquid detergent concentrate. Produces an orange foam and scent when applied to vehicle. R

Silky Suds – Formula 577: High lubricity foaming detergent designed for use in all foam, cloth, and brush washes. Produces a thick, rich lather for added lubricity. Highly concentrated.


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Weather Shield All Season Total Surface Protectant – Formula 573: A total vehicle surface protectant designed to repel water and deliver a high gloss shine and protection to vehicle surfaces, including paint, glass, and chrome. Surface reactive silicones and fluoro polymers bond to vehicle surface for outstanding shine and protection. Offer your customers a premium service that provides lasting value with no added labor. Fresh Blueberry Scent. G, R

Clear Coat Protectant – Formula 527: Cherry scented, silicone-fortified protectant designed to maintain and preserve clear coat surfaces as well as all modern finishes. Provides a visibly high gloss appearance and protective coating. R

Vanilla Kote Clear Coat Protectant – Formula 538: One of our best! This revolutionary new protectant provides excellent visual and aromatic appeal with its fresh waxy vanilla scent, crème base, protective sheen, and exceptional water beading capabilities. R

Drying Agents

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Drying Agent – Formula 580: WeatherShield drying agent incorporates the very latest advances in polymer chemistry technology. Formulated with a unique polymer, drying agent creates a fast water break that boosts drying efficiency and as an added plus, also provides a durable protection and shine. R

Drying Agent – Formula 520: Creates an instantaneous water break so that optimum blower efficiency and minimum wipe down time can be achieved. R

Berry Dry – Formula 570: Revolutionary new berry scented, polymer based hydrocarbon-free drying agent/clear coat protectant containing siliconized carnauba for enhanced shine and maximum drying capabilities. G, R

Conditioners/ Polish

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jazz_tricolor_foam_polish.jpgRADIANCE® TRI-COLOR Jazz Foam Polish – Formula 557: The most electrifying triple foam polish on the market today. This concentrated, multi-colored polish is available in Sizzling Pink, Brilliant Blue, Velocity Yellow, and Arctic White. All contain an invigorating Tropical Scent. pH balanced for easy rinsing. Silicone fortified to impart shine and protection while providing enhanced water beading.

Weather Shield TRI-COLOR Foam Polish* – Formula 567: WeatherShield Foam Polish is the most technologically advanced foam polish in the market today. This revolutionary new formula incorporates the very latest advances in polymer chemistry technology. Foam Polish contains surface reactive silicones and fluoro polymers which bond to vehicle surface for outstanding SHINE, PROTECTION, and WATER BREAK. Available in Sizzling Pink, Brilliant Blue, and Velocity Yellow and contains an invigorating Green Apple Scent. G, R

Tri-Color® Foam Polish – Formula 530TCF: A unique pH balance foam conditioner designed for use in all triple color foam systems. Available in pink, blue, and yellow with a black cherry scent. Packaged in a near waterless hyper concentrate. A mere 5 gallons yields a whopping 25 gallons of concentrated solution. G, R

RADIANCE® Tri-Color® Foam Polish – Formula 550: Concentrated, multi-colored foam polish available in rich pink, blue, and yellow color with an enticing berry blast scent. Fortified with siliconized carnauba to impart shine and protection while providing enhanced water beading. pH-balanced for fast easy rinsing. G, R

Tri-Color® Clear Coat Foam Conditioner – Formula 537: Cleans, conditions, and protects. Unique pH balanced high foaming clear coat conditioner. Contains surface reactive polymeric silicones which help provide a lasting gloss appearance and protective coating. Available in bright pink, blue, and yellow colored foam with fresh black cherry scent. Use in customer pleasing triple foam arches.Wheel and Tire Cleaners

Wheel & Tire Cleaners

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Wheel_and_Tire_Cleaner.jpgNon-Acid Wheel & Tire Cleaner Concentrate – Formula 560: Superb for safely cleaning all types of wheels (including chrome, aluminum, and magnesium), and whitewall tires. Removes brake dust instantly and makes whitewalls white again. R

ATC Liquid Tire Cleaner – Formula 521: Concentrated liquid cleaner especially formulated for use in chemical tire applicators. Solvent based, non-caustic. R

Whitewall Cleaner Powder – Formula 504: Heavy duty caustic powder tire cleaner for chemical tire applicators. Green marker dye added for product identification.

Magic Mag Brite – Ready-to-use wheel cleaner. Safely cleans and brightens aluminum, chrome, painted wheels and hub caps. Simply spray on and rinse off.


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Aluminate Brightener & Kemlite Wall Cleaner – Easily removes heavy soils from car wash kemlite and block walls. Contains hydrofluoric acid. Protective clothing is required when using this product.

Bug Doctor – Safely penetrates and softens stubborn bug remains for easy removal. R

Hang Time Bug Remover – Unique clinging activator increases hang time allowing extended penetration to clean even the toughest bug residue. “Stays where you spray it.”

Truck Wash 2000 – Concentrated liquid truck and trailer detergent. Removes exhaust deposits, road film, and bug residue in one application.

Underbody Rust Inhibitor – Formula 517: Super concentrated liquid rust and corrosion preventative. Apply during or after the underbody flush. Leaves an invisible protective coating. R

Auto Fragrances

Green Sense® – Wild Cherry, Strawberry, Piña Colada, French Vanilla, Jasmine, Cinnamon Spice, New Car, Baby Powder, Lemon Lime. Green Sense® Auto Fragrance is a high quality oil-based fragrance which neutralizes objectionable odors leaving auto interiors with a clean, fresh scent.

Blue Sense® – Wild Cherry, Strawberry, Piña Colada, French Vanilla, Jasmine, Cinnamon Spice, New Car. Custom formulated, water-based scents leave vehicle interiors with a fresh, clean, pleasant fragrance.

Carpet & Upholstery Shampoos

Carpet & Upholstery Shampoo – Ready to use. Designed for coin-operated carpet shampooers. Available in summer and winter formulas.

32 to 1 – Super concentrated. Perfect for all washable fabrics. Compatible with all leading carpet shampooers. Cost effective.

Spot Remover – Ready to use. Available in summer and winter formulas.

Laundry Detergents

Nu Blu – High-powered laundry detergent powder with grease releasing formula. Effective on tough, greasy industrial and institutional stains. Controlled suds for easy rinsing. Contains optical brighteners.

Blu Sky – Liquid towel detergent. A totally new concept in laundering. This powerful formulation provides excellent cleaning power with its unique combination of surfactants and water soluble solvent.

Tire Dressings

WC THICK Tire Dressing – Water-based silicone tire dressing designed for use in online tire shine applicators. This thick non-slinging formula provides a long lasting, high gloss shine that leaves tires with a professionally detailed appearance.

SUPER SHINE Tire Dressing – Premium high-gloss tire dressing producing incredible high- gloss finish on tires and trim with little to no sling. Can be used for hand application or in online tire shine applicators.

SUPER VANILLA Tire Dressing – Premium solvent-free tire and vinyl dressing produces incredible high-gloss finish on tires and trim with little to no sling. Can be used for hand application or in online tire shine applicators.

BLUE ICE Tire Dressing – Ready-to-use tire dressing utilizes a special blend of silicone and solvents to give tires a bright, long-lasting shine.

G = Green Line Solutions™ – Earth friendly products, maximum cleaning power.
R = Reclaim Compatible – Contains no harsh caustics, may be applied to all surfaces in any climate and reduces environmental impact issues.